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Pokémon GO: The first Agumon has been found

Pokémon GO: The first Agumon has been found

For the past several weeks the world seems to have been infected with Pokémon GO fever. It does not come as a huge surprise for experienced players that by now every available Pokémon has been caught – at least that’s what everyone thought. Just a few minutes prior to the publishing of this article a user from Germany told the news aggregator reddit about his newest finding: An exemplar of Agumon that has never been seen before in the game. Although the game’s code had been investigated many times by different people, no one could have suspected this trove.

Since the second generation of the Pokémon series, the Gold and Silver editions which were first published in 1999, Agumon played an important role for the pocket monsters. Because of his unique design, the fire Pokémon soon became a favourite of many players, which even led to some people falsely confusing it with a Digimon.

Definitely not a fake

It has not been a whole week since Niantic’s CEO John Hanke announced on Comic Con that more Pokémon were going to be included in the game. As a sideline he told us that several easter eggs had not been discovered yet. Now several fans assume that Agumon might be one of those easter eggs and it might point to the release of new Pokémon. An image manipulation seems impossible, since everyone agrees that the screenshot looks totally realistic. The question how the reddit user was able to find Agumon remains unanswered.

“I don’t even know what I did before that thing came up to me… I was so high that evening and all along I thought that it just was an especially ugly Charmander. The next day I finally understood, but I couldn’t remember anything. Hopefully, police does not read this xD”

Whether meeting an Agumon is connected with special actions or just requires an extraordinary amount of luck, remains unclear. As before, developer Niantic does not participate in the discussion, but keeps tweeting at Soulja Boy to stay informed about his game progression.

Agumon without evolution?

Since the process is not clear at all yet, the user only has three Agumon candies, which would not be sufficient to make Agumon evolve. But this problem seems solved, because apparently Agumon cannot be evolved. Only a power up can be triggered with a rare candy and additional star dust. This might be a shock for Pokémon fans as they know and love Agumon’s evolution Greymon from the anime series and the games.

Of course it would be possible that Agumon’s evolution will be added to Pokémon GO later on. Well, we can’t even be sure yet whether Niantic wanted to include Agumon into the game or whether it was an error. We only know that the owner of the world’s only Agumon now has to face crazy attackers that want to bring his smartphone under their control.

You can clearly see that this screenshot is not a fake.

You can clearly see that this screenshot is not a fake.

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dein Motto
  • Agumon
    29. October 2016 at 14:58

    Agumon is NOT a bloody Pokémon. He is a Digimon. You pokélovers are the confused people here. Greymon is his champion digivolution.

    • Dreejavu
      29. October 2016 at 23:39

      Dig… what? Please stop making up words. And why are you referring to yourself in third person? Are you a schizomon?

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