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No one realized Mirror’s Edge Catalyst has been released: EA withdraws all copies

No one realized Mirror’s Edge Catalyst has been released: EA withdraws all copies

Mirror’s Edge may not have been EA’s biggest success, but it did wow a lot of players with its parkour-like running/climbing segments and its very individual style. Nevertheless, both critics and fans were convinced that the game had too many flaws which could have easily been prevented. Among others the game was criticized for its irritatingly woolly controls, the unasked-for combat parts and the often missing possibility to clearly recognize defined paths.

The substantial feedback made it easy for publisher EA to recognize the potential of a sequel, which would have to correct and improve the mistakes made by the first part of the series. This is why the developing studio Digital Illusions CE was assigned with the development of Mirror’s Edge Catalyst. Three years after part 2 of the series was announced, it’s now available in all stores. The problem is that no one noticed.

The official release date for Mirror’s Edge Catalyst was June 9th for all European countries, but not a single person bought the game on this date, as leaked statistics received by The Gaming Fellow from an anonymous source prove. It seems like non-existing marketing strategies on behalf of Electronic Arts are at fault for this misery. We’re currently assuming that most employess of the company forgot about the game themselves.

To break out of the misery EA is now planning to postpone the release date and is working on drawing every copy of the game back from the stores. Neither the publisher nor the developer answered our inquiry for an official statement, but a salesman from a popular retailer told us the following:

On the very first day no one noticed it [the game], so our manager tried to create attention arround it. But our customers claimed that we would be selling forged copies, since they thought the game wasn’t even announced yet.

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