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29. May 2017

The Witcher TV series: Nicolas Cage will play Geralt of Rivia

With this legendary actor on board, the Witcher TV series will definitely become a hit.
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30. October 2016

TSM wins League of Legends Worlds 2016, Bjergsen better than Faker

The most important LoL event of the year has come to a surprising conclusion.
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29. July 2016

Pokémon GO: The first Agumon has been found

A lucky German player has found the first Agumon ever in Pokémon GO. Is it an easter egg or part of a new update?
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25. June 2016

10 tips to keep you from buying anything in the Steam Sale

How do you manage to not buy any games in the Steam Sale? Just follow these simple and effective tips.
10 tips to keep you from buying anything in the Steam Sale
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