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Overwatch – Dataminers discover unseen footage

Overwatch – Dataminers discover unseen footage

It’s only been two weeks that Overwatch has been available for everyone and we have already seen everything of it. There aren’t too many maps, the game modes are the same and while the game is a lot of fun, it just does not offer a lot of variety. At least that is what we thought until today, because now dataminers could prove us wrong.

On twitter, the user ‘@BlizzBoy125’ posted a screenshot of something on which we could not lay our eyes yet. You can clearly see the character Bastion on the ingame image, and the robot seems to be posing on one of the twelve playable maps. According to rumors this is part of an animation which is supposed to start when someone who is playing as bastion gets rewarded with the “Play of the Game”. No wonder we did not see any of it inside the actual game yet!

Could this be an eastergg in Overwatch?

In the course of the leaked screenshot fans started to puzzle over its meaning:
Im Zuge des veröffentlichten Screenshots beginnen Fans nun mit dem Rätseln: Is this a cleverly placed easteregg or pure trolling? That is indeed a righteous question to ask, since it’s basically impossible to achieve “Play of the Game” as Bastion. This character does not have any special abilities apart from being able to immobilize itself and use a machine gun with maximally mediocre damage output. Now, are the Overwatch developers really thinking that someone could ever score the Play of the Game with this defensive character? We suspect that it’s rather some kind of sick joke – not even eSports professionals could get a grip on the very hard to play hero and you almost never see Bastion in Quick Play.

Mit diesem Bild erweckte @BlizzBoy125 das Interesse der Community.

It’s with this screenshot that @BlizzBoy125 caught the community’s attention.

Despite the incresing attention that is being thrown at the screenshot, an official statement from Blizzard seems unlikely. Some industry insiders claim that the data is actually used at some stage of the game, therefore it would not be an easteregg. If you coincidentally are the very first person to get a PotG as Bastion, please send us a recording.

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