This is the right place for gaming-thrilled cynicals

Welcome to The Gaming Fellow! As a new online presence we’re trying our hardest to build up our range as soon as possible. For that, we need support. Your support. We’re glad to see you’re interested in one of our “jobs”!

First and foremost: The Gaming Fellow is a labour of love for us and we support it by any means. Upon joining our team, the most important thing for you to expect should be a lot of fun. For now, since the website is going to remain without any advertisement, we’re unable to provide rewards or payment for your contribution. But because the project is a lot of fun, we feel like it’s a great occupation anyway. You can take part in building up The Gaming Fellow to something larger. If you’re up for that, we’d love to read your application for one of the following “jobs”:



As an editor, you’re responsible for the content on our website. You’re getting creative, you’re writing headlines and articles. No matter if you’re a professional or a beginner, we’ll welcome you to our team, as long as you have a sense for the right content and know your language. You should be older than 16 and feel confident to approach texting. Experience with image editing and WordPress is not necessary, because we’re gladly going to introduce you into anything you’ll need. Obviously, excitement for video games is a basic requirement! Additionally you should plan to have two to three hours per week so you can write one or two articles.

We’re trying to make sure anyone on our team has a the biggest possible say: For any change or new idea, your voice is worth as much as that of anyone else on our team. You’ll have a chance to make all of your creative ideas come true, provided it’s within the right scope.

Contact us in case you have any questions left for us to answer. We’re happy to recive your application through the following formular.

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