About Us/FAQ

The Gaming Fellow is a satirical video game magazine that aims to present gaming news from another perspetive. Although we’ve been pulling the gaming scene’s leg since 1803, our website officially launched in 2016.

On this page you will find more information about us and the opportunity to ask the questions you always wanted to ask. Should you have any further questions or suggestions, please let us know via our Contact Us page.


1. Do you really think this is funny?
No. Kappa

2. Should I take your posts serious?
Yes, you should. Our news are researched and written by the best paid editors on the internet and therefore of the highest quality. Since our editorial staff consists of two times as many readers as news writers, every article is being proofread three times and every single statement is examined regarding its substance. Keeping our reputation as the most reliable gaming news website of the world is very important to us.

3. May I work as an editor for you?
Coming soon.

4. How are you funding The Gaming Fellow?
Currently we’re completely funding the website out of our own pocket and we’re planning on abstaining from showing advertisment, at least within our realms of possibility. If you enjoy our content and would like to contribute something to keep The Gaming Fellow alive, you can head over to our Support page and read about your options. It’s not going to cost you a single cent!

5. Who’s responsible for all this crap?
Two handsome adolescents, disenchanted by a cruel world, whose only escape from constant sorrow lies in their salty cynicism.

6. Do you hate video games?
In fact, we love video games, very much even. But if you think that the gaming scene is all jauntiness, you’re sadly mistaken. The countless grievances that have been developing constantly over the course of the past years are to be satirically captured by us. Damn it, that was a serious answer. Let’s try again: We love video games, our favourite game is Half-Life 3 on the PlayStation One Kappa